Registration and verification can be done in the following ways:

  • For the registration of Dan grade holders, WJKA Head office requires a list with the names, dates, copy of existing certificate and payment.
  • WJKA Yudanshakai card will be provided by HQ Netherlands.
  • The representative of an organization must have a JKA background. If not, the representative/instructor will be on a 1 year probation  supervised by HQ. After this probation year, all official documents will be signed by HQ.
  • Yudanshakai of an organization will be sent by list to WJKA HQ, with copies attached of existing certificates.
  • Registration/Application for instructors please use WJKA license form.

Additional Information:

  • Each organization acts independently and has only one representative who acts as the liason between his organization and HQ.
  • All affiliated organizations of each country need to cooperate and communicate directly with their representatives regarding national activities or decisions.
  • In case of international WJKA activities, HQ deals only with the representative of each organization. Individual Dojo entries will not be accepted if not sent in or supported by the representatives.
  • Affiliated Dojos wanting to organize courses or tournaments must inform the representative of their organization and must gain his permission. 
  • Direct communication with HQ remains possible in case of personal questions, remarks or invitations, etc.

You may obtain additional information by contacting your Regional Representative. The Regional Representatives can be found under the Contact Us section of this web site.